Real Jobs for Real Resumes

Only Skills, No Documents compares yours skills with potential jobs. No CVs and resume documents are collected

Real Info, No Edits does not allow candidates to modify jobs and education information once added

True Employer, No Spammer is FREE for job seeker while burns employer credit points for contacting candidates. An efforts to keep Fake employer / Spammer away



HR Head, Fortune 500 Company, Boston MI

Recruitment process is very time consuming, expensive and uncertain about the candidates inducted in the performing ecosystem. made this process simple as there is no scope for false resumes and misleading information. Candidate has to stand by his data and our recruiter also has to be very specific about their demands. Such a clean way!!

A recruiter for IBM, HP and Accenture

For every new position, the time keeps moving and misaligned candidates profiles keep pouring in!! It topples the complete budget and also the confidence of recruiting team. simplified it a lot. featured % matching with our requirements is very accurate. It gives confidence even before opening the candidate’s detail profile. Candidate search and selection was never such an easy and inexpensive task before. It disciplined us also on placing the requirement.

Sarah Chang, Pharmacovigilance SME

Searching a job? Upload resume at hundreds places and wait for spam mails… such a frustrating and waste of time. is accurate. I preferred to key in my real data, no matter if there is an employment gap or layoff in past career. Recruiters here, respects the true information... I mean it. Even doesn’t allow deleting or updating critical information and that gives future employer a confidence in your profile.

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